Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All is well.

We have not posted an update for a few weeks so one is certainly due.  All is well.  We have received three ultrasound reports so far.  The baby continues to do well.  The last report said the baby's size was consistent with eight weeks, although we know the baby was only just over six weeks at that point.  So, that seems promising.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're pregnant!

Yes, we're pregnant.  Actually, we are three and a half weeks pregnant.  So, just barely, but pregnant nonetheless.

We got the news a week and a half ago -- and in a way that is illustrative of our lives right now.  (No wonder Mike's mom sometimes wonders how we are going to raise a child.)  Ken was in Sacramento filming an upcoming HGTV Halloween special.  Mike was in Miami for a legal recruiting event and conference.  Ken got the news via an email on Saturday (August 28 to be exact).  He was in the car driving to the shoot.  Joey in the passenger seat was scanning Ken's emails.  Joey:  "There's an email here from the surrogacy agency."  Ken (driving): "READ IT! READ IT!"   Ken texted the news ("We're pregant. Call me.") to Mike who was was sitting in a seminar in a hotel meeting room 3000 miles away and darted out the door to call.

A week later (on Saturday last weekend) we got the news that we're pregnant with one baby while we were in the country.  Sitting in the kitchen chatting with our friend Mark who was up for the holiday weekend, Ken got the news via email.  The email  included a scan of the first ultrasound.  Next week we hope to hear news of the first sounds of a heart beat.

Of course it's still very early so we're taking all of this one week at a time.