Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 2013 in Review

Cornelia is really showing us everything she's learning these days.  She's saying more and more words all the time.  Too many to count.  She is very good with "please" ("peez") and "thank you" ("taankuu").  Her latest expression is "meechu!" which is her way of saying "Nice to meet you!"  She says it a lot; she says it to people on the street, to her dollies and sometimes even to her daddies.  She's learning the ABC song too, although at this point it's mostly "beee . . . ceee. . ." followed by other sounds.  She knows it's a song and she's trying to get the hang of it.  Ken has been working with her on her colors and she's getting good at them as well.

She really likes Play-Doh right now and Mari keeps her well-supplied.  If we need her to play on her own for a while we just set her up with her Play-Doh and she's quite content for a good long time.  She is starting to play pretend games too.  The usual game right now is the Sleeping Game.  She'll rest her head on her hand or she'll lay down in the middle of the floor, close her eyes and pretend to snore.  Usually she puts her dollies to bed and then lays down next to them and starts snoring.  The other night I brought her down to the kitchen to get some milk before bedtime and she laid down in the middle of the kitchen floor and pretended to sleep.  It's pretty dang funny.  At dinner she likes to hold hands with her daddies and sing her Happy Song, swaying from side to side.  It only has one word - "Happy" - repeated over and over again.  That's usually followed by the Up and Down Game, which is holding hands with her daddies around the dinner table raising our hands up ("up!") and down ("dn!") at her direction.

She has started to watch a bit of TV although she doesn't watch much.  When she knows bedtime is approaching she'll say "Tee!" and run for the TV room.  Mostly she watches the Goodnight Show with Nina and Star on the Sprout channel before she goes to bed.

Ken says this looks like a painting from
the Dutch Golden Age.  I knew I should have taken that
art history survey course in college.

Shopping with her grocery cart and groceries from
Uncle Scott and Aunt Tami.  
"Have you seen the price of peanut butter these days?!"

Out for a ride on her new trike!

We were all packed for the weekend . . .
until I turned my back.

Watching the sun set at the beach.

Helping Daddy with yardwork.

Big cup for a big girl.

Sporting her new handknit sweater from Auntie Karen!
Daddy and Papa