Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flynn and Margot at Ten Months

Flynn and Margot are now in their tenth month. 

They both started crawling in late May and are now really on the move.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Flynn had been trying to crawl from some time – at least six weeks or so before he finally managed to get some forward movement – while Margot observed his efforts with only mild curiosity.  Yet, much to our surprise, they both started crawling at the same time.  Margot must have been practicing secretly at night when everyone else was asleep.  Flynn, it’s no surprise, crawls like he’s an ATV.  He crawls up and over things – his toys, Margot, Daddy and Papa – whatever obstacle might offer some interesting terrain to explore.  He doesn’t seem to mind the head-bonks he sometimes gets when coming down the other side.  Maybe Flynn will carry on the Gotham family tradition of “Jeeping” in the backcountry.  I may have to call cousin JW and put “dibs” on the 1974 CJ-5 Jeep that has passed from Dad to Scott to JW, so that Flynn gets it someday.

Margot, unlike Flynn, crawls to get somewhere, to reach a toy, or to reach Daddy and Papa. 

I suspect both of them will be walking soon enough.  In fact, I think they’ll be walking by the time they finish their month-long stay with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Roy this summer. 

Flynn is quite good at pulling himself up.  In fact, a few weeks ago, he managed to stand up in his crib for the first time.  It was early morning and Ken was in bed.  Ken heard Flynn moving about in his crib, looked over and saw Flynn’s head pop up over the side of the crib.  It was like someone coming up for air at the edge of a swimming pool.  As you can imagine, Flynn was quite pleased with himself.  (Flynn is almost always pleased with himself.)  I’m sure if he could have talked he would have shouted “I’m king of the world!” a la Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. 

"Help!  I'm standing and I can't sit down!"
Since then, he insists on being vertical constantly.  Unfortunately, he is not so good at sitting back down, so he is regularly stuck standing, clinging to something and crying for someone to help him sit back down.  He is also very good at “finger-walking” – grabbing Daddy's or Papa’s fingers so he can practice walking around the house (and around, and around . . . .). 

Margot has not yet mastered the art of pulling herself up so she can stand but she is working hard at it.  She is leading the pair in other areas, however.  She has her two front teeth, while Flynn doesn’t have any teeth yet (although they’re coming).  Margot is better at the self-feeding thing.  Put her in her high chair and she will get a higher proportion of Cheerios and banana slices into her mouth than Flynn will.  She also seems to be recognizing the hand signs for “food” and for “more” more readily than Flynn.  (Or maybe she  just finds it hilarious when I stand in front of her with Cheerios in my hand, grinning and gesturing at her.) 

"Daddy, stop waving your hands around and
just give us the Cheerios."
Margot and Flynn are now actively playing, mostly grabbing toys, waving them around and banging them on any handy hard surface.  And they’re definitely playing together, although usually it’s just crawling over one another to get somewhere and taking toys away from each other.  That doesn’t usually result in tears, although I’m sure it will soon enough; once they learn the concept of “mine!”


The double stroller with the "kickboard" in
the back for Coco to stand on.

Swinging at Duboce Park.
Flynn: "Would someone help me sit down, please!"
Margot: "Would someone help him sit down, please?"