Sunday, August 31, 2014

Flynn's Firsts

Flynn has had a lot of "firsts" in the last few weeks leading up to his first birthday last weekend.  Here are a few highlights.

1.  First steps.  Flynn officially took his first steps on Friday, August 15th.  Ken and I had just arrived at Grandma Mary's and Grandpa Roy's house where the kids had been vacationing for a month.  Ken and I were there for the kids' last weekend and to take them home.  (It was also my 30th high school reunion weekend.  Bonus pictures included below.)  We were barely into the house and Ken -- who had not seen the kids for a month -- was already testing the twins' walking skills; standing them up and seeing if they would take any steps for him.  Flynn rose the challenge and took three steps while everyone was watching.  (Can you say "show off!"?  Because surely that's what Margot was thinking.  I'm pretty sure she even rolled her eyes.) 

2.  First climb up the stairs.  A week later, back in San Francisco, Flynn climbed the stairs all the way to the top for the first time -- with Coco gleefully urging him on from the top of the stairs the entire time.  "Come on, Flynn! Come on!"   Now he regularly makes a break for it any chance he gets and heads to the bottom of the stairs so he can make the long climb up.  And I swear, even when I say in my best don't-you-dare tone, "Flyyynnn . . . ., I'm watching you!" he turns and gives me a look that pretty much says, "Yeah? So watch this!"  And up he goes.     

"Hey, Daddy!  You watchin this?!"

"You gotta bend your knees . . ."

"Hey Margot! Learn from the master!"
3.  First item out of a second-story window.  I should've seen this one coming.  Coco is nearly three-and-half and has never thrown, pushed or dropped anything out a window.  I somehow also doubt that Margot will do anything of the sort.  Fynn, of course, is another story.  One morning a week or so ago I was changing Margot, and Flynn was standing next to me.  He was playing with a plastic sippy cup and was holding on to the window sill.  The window was open about three inches.  (Totally baby-safe.  Trust me.  I'm uber-paranoid about open windows.)  As I glanced down, I saw him look out the opening -- which was about eye-level -- and push the sippy cup right out the window.  I don't think he knew exactly what had happened, but since I reacted with so much surprise he was pretty pleased with whatever he had done.

4.  First time spashing water in the toilet.  My words to him:"Seriously, Flynn?"

Flynn and Daddy, August 30, 2014

Bonus pictures:  My date to senior ball and me in 1984 and again in 2014.  Her mom saved the dress . . . .


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Camp 2014

Cornelia, Margot and Flynn are away at summer camp – four weeks at Grandpa Roy and Grandma Mary’s house in Port Angeles. 

Just like she was last year, Cornelia is quite busy every day helping grandpa with the yard work, raking and picking up pine cones, and of course keeping the driveway swept up and the birdfeeder filled.  She gets out and about with Grandpa for a bike ride once the work is done.  Grandma arranged for private swimming lessons twice a week for all four weeks and Coco is doing really well, according to the reports I'm getting. 

Margot and Flynn are busy too – they are mostly focused on trying to walk. Grandpa and Grandma are busy every day doing the “finger walk” thing around the house.  The twins are also having fun splashing around in the wading pool when the weather is nice enough.  (The west end of Port Angeles is a bit like the west side of San Francisco -- it can be a bit foggy and chilly even in the summer time.) 

We also made the annual weekend trek to Moxee to introduce Margot and Flynn to the Walsh clan.  Scott even flew up from Denver for the weekend as well.     

Nothing like a three-year-old and power tools.

Taking a break from the morning chores.

"To the park, Grandpa!"

Craft time with Grandma. 
(Uh, did I just use "Grandma" and "craft" in the same sentence.
My, how times have changed . . .)



So, Margot and Flynn were not so keen on Uncle Scott.
East Beach, Lake Crescent